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My Grandmothers Greatest Teaching

When I was little, my grandmother (Grams) and I would swim inside their pool. She was a full bodied woman and I always took such care in looking at her. The way she moved, the way she took care of her hair (we weren’t to splash, although I still did), and the way she thoroughly enjoyed being in the water.

I was always a little shy, and even more shy when I had to wear a bathing suit. I didn’t feel comfortable that my skin wouldn’t take color the way others did and that you could see the blue and green veins through my skin because I was so thin. She never moved like I did. She always took her time but got many things done. The greatest teaching she ever gave me happened inside that pool, and it is becoming more and more impactful with every year of my life.

She could float.

She could float for, what seemed like, hours. Effortlessly. It was magical.

When I think back to her floating, my memory is of being able to see her from the sky, floating around and around, no place to be, no place to go, nowhere other than here.

I tried and tried to float. I asked her many questions about how she did this with so much ease, missing that that was my answer.

She said “you can do it, Melanie, you just have to stop moving and relax”

I was able to float on and off but never for as long or as easy as she could. I always felt like I had to try or I would be pulled under. The only times I successfully floated were when I decided it would be ok if I was pulled under, that I would be ok.

I would go under and come back up. That was the answer. That was the key.

Try less and be more.

So what if I go under, I can always come back up.

And, after a series of numerous attempts, I learned that the more I “tried”, the more often I went under. When I softened my body, let go of what was happening, that was when I was able to taste a little of the magic that my grams had been trying to show me. I didn’t have to try. I had to be.

I had to accept that there wasn’t much I could do to help, other than let go. And when I let go, I was supported. I was held. I was free.

This is the teaching of the feminine.

With so many years invested into the Patriarchy, many of us have forgotten that our true power is in being. Being with what is, when it is, and where it is. The more we fight, the more we go under. Missing the magic that exists on the surface when we learn to sit with what is.

The feminine wants us to be able to receive. She tells us that’s our true nature. She wants to hold us and make space inside ourselves, so that we can hold space for the world. She knows how to be in relationship with the masculine and not lose herself like we have for so many years.

She is the warm, soft lap of a mother and grandmother that many of us know in our cells but our grandmothers and mothers were too busy doing to be.

She is the warm, soft lap of a woman who knows how to feel safe being vulnerable and close with others.

She is the water that gently washes over each wound when we go too far against who we are.

She is our saving grace.

Learning how to balance these energies after growing up in an incredibly saturated masucline culture has been my path. Undoing the doing. Unwinding the stories that I have to do this and that to be loved. That everything is up to me and that if I don’t do it, the world will fall apart. The anxiety that we feel comes from going against what we KNOW, and choosing what we’ve been taught.

You came into this world remembering how to receive, how to trust, and how to let go. You cried as an infant in this deep remembrance because you came here knowing that you are always held.

If you are interested in remembering, The Priestess Path is calling for you. She is a 10 month feminine embodiment journey where you take the seat of observer in your own life. You become the master storyteller of who you will or won’t be. She is the container that will hold you as you undo painful programming that has left our world in a state of lack and scarcity.

She is the one who is calling us home. To take the seat of wisdomkeepers and storytellers. To be the one who acts as a lighthouse for others to reclaim themselves as you are now.

You don’t have to do to be a lighthouse. You just let your light shine.

I invite you to book a free 30 minute call to explore if The Priestess Path is the right fit for you In this call, we move through meditative inquiry, introspection and truth. This is the first of the many welcomes you'll receive if you become a part of the Sisterhood


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