Social Distancing or Social Shaming?

Is the concept of social distancing isolating more than we know?

Lately I’ve seen a lot of shaming around who’s doing it right and who’s doing it wrong. There is so much information it’s really hard to know for sure, if this day, what you’re choosing is a socially responsible choice. But, don’t worry. If it’s not, you will find out about it on social media, and not in a kind, concerning way.

The blame and shame game is strong in society right now. Making us lock onto our egos and close up our hearts.

I know people are scared. I am unsure of what’s to come, as well. Some of it seems real, some of it is hard to believe. All of us are seeing this for the first time.

Lead with compassion.

Do your best to support others with information. Do your best not to shame an already fragile mental state.

Befriend your fellow humans.

Speak to them how you want to be talked to. A lot of inside voices are coming out right now. They are the ones that shame, guilt and belittle. Stop talking to yourself this way and see your connection to the world change.