Solidifying a Routine

Turns out that creating a routine for myself and sticking to it, actually works......who would have thought.

Isn't it amazing how you can use your incredibly intelligent brain to keep you sick? I've been watching myself go downhill over the last few months, well, mostly since summer ended, and I've known exactly what to do about it. But, I haven't done anything about it because I can convince myself that other things are more important than my health. My HEALTH, you guys. What the F*ck could be more important than this. Shaking my head (smh for the youth).

For the last 4 mornings (I know, I's still so early), I've done the same thing and have felt fantastic! I wake naturally around 5-530am every day and sometimes when I get lucky, I'm even up at 4 (insert barf face here). So, I've got time to do the things I need to do, BUT you'd never believe how much time can pass when you're catching up on social media, emails, doing your banking, sorting through your photos on your phone. Before I know it, It's 730. Yikes.

So here's what I'm doing instead - I'm still getting up at the same time, only this time I'm cutting short my stay-in-bed routine (a dead phone has helped significantly with this, highly recommend). I get up and head downstairs to my newly formed altar. I'll take a pic of this and attach it here. Having a sacred space to go to has really made me want to get out of bed. Strange, but true. I saddle up to this space and pray. After I'm done praying I light my candle (they're amazing and made by the beautiful Tanya Ryan), from my candle I light the dried herb I use to smoke clear. I open my oracle card deck and lay out my mat.

I've began a challenge with Karin Dimitrovova and it's been an eye-opener. Let's just leave that here for now. Today is about my routine! After I'm done practicing, I meditate in savasana, I keep the my music going and I begin my own little ceremony. I sit down with my oracle cards and pull whatever spread is resonating with me. Lately, it's been the path and the obstacle spread, and guys, it's been BANG ON! Mind-blowing.