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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Did you think I lost my yoga practice again? Nope, but I‘m definitely struggling. Weekends kill my vibe.

In what world do weekends kill vibes anywhere....ever?

But, it’s true for me. I get on a roll throughout the week. Vibin, doing my routine, feeling amazing and then BAM. Weekends here and I’m like - let’s take some time off of this “feeling good” thing we got going on, and slip into a little self destruction. YA!

I need the routine, it makes me feel whole and like time slows down for me. On the weekends, I let the old beliefs creep in that weekends are for doing nothing. Like, literally doing nothing. When the boys were young and excited to do things with me, we did SO MUCH. But, as they got older, I became less and less engaged with my weekends. I’ve slipped into a slump.

(Here’s a picture of Blue, she does not love me being a weekend warrior)

Recognizing this, I’m going to make better efforts to begin with my ritual, hoping to reshape the dialogue inside my mind with real experiences of joy.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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