What Now?

The real feelings of losing your job

Being laid off sucks. Even if you didn’t love your job, and worse, if you did.

Speaking to my own experience, it’s a loss. It feels like rejection. It reinforces a belief system of worthlessness, even if you’re ready for it. Even if you understand.

For most of us, our work is our identity. We have formed most of our thought patterning and decision making around this role that we do almost every day of our lives. A role that can be taken away.

You might experience shock, like I did. After that comes loss, I cried, they cried. It felt helpless, hopeless.

Then the shame. The shame of having to tell your loved ones that you don’t know who you are anymore. This usually comes in a knee jerk reaction and most tear it off like a bandaid, reaching out while still in the haze of absorbing what’s going on.

Whatever you’re experiencing, whatever is coming up for you, lean in. You are entitled to those feelings. You are entitled to the relief, the rejection, the worry, the uncertainty. You are entitled to all the ones I haven’t mentioned that you’re feeling.

I remember what it was like watching my friends be let go, one by one. Grateful I still had work but guilty