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What's the Difference?

What is the difference between a guided meditation and a silent meditation

When you think of meditation, you might think of stillness, quiet and inner peace. Some people might think of it as the hardest thing they have ever done. The pathway into silence does require some training and reprogramming of our mind and body before you can truly embrace all the benefits of meditation.

The difference between a guided meditation and a silent mediation is that true meditation is the total withdrawal of external senses. This means that there is no anchor to the outside world through the sense of hearing. Everything moves inward.

In a guided meditation, which I believe is more of a guided relaxation technique, you are training the mind to focus. You are mapping pathways that are guiding you towards the capacity to sit in complete and total stillness with nothing other than yourself. This practice is used as a technique to learn meditation.

Maybe your goal isn't to achieve silent meditation. That is perfect. There is no right or wrong when it comes to finding what works for you in achieving inner balance. Peace comes in knowing that there is no comparison and no book, practice or technique was ever written for everyone. The practice is in learning to be where you are.


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